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Youth Pastoral Search

Education and Experience

  • B.A or equivalent in Protestant Christian Seminary, with 2 years or beyond experience of leading Youth Ministry and delivering sermons to youth.
  • Have a clear calling to serve the Lord as a youth pastor. Have a heart to preach the gospel, train disciples, and edify the church. 
  • Experience in a cross-cultural Christian church environment is preferred.


  • Meet the Biblical requirements of Elder and Overseer [1 Tim 3:1-9] [Titus1:6-9]


  • Have the abilities to lead youth fellowship with Bible study and discussion, engage youth to own personal Bible study and Christ-center faith, and train them with critical Biblical thinking, discussion, and connection to daily life.
  • Able to analyze socio-cultural problems with Biblical worldviews and helping youth to make godly choices.
  • Good at organizing youth events.
  • Enjoy interacting with people to build up relationships, especially with youth and their parents.
  • Capable of using modern office tools, (ex: MS Office, Zoom, Google Meet etc.)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pastor youth
    • Help and lead youth to own their faith, own a God-centered lifestyle and Biblical worldview, and train them to train others.
    • On average, give at least 2 Sunday sermons to youth every month.
    • Work with other youth workers and build up youth Sunday school.
    • Lead youth fellowship and Bible study, and train the next generation of youth leaders.
    • Organize youth events.
    • Visit and mentor youth and build relationships with their parents.
  • Work with Church leadership to strengthen youth ministry and, in the long term, build youth/college students/english ministries.

Statements and Proclamations

  • Apostle’s Creed
  • Nicene Creed
  • Chalcedonian Creed
  • Athanasian Creed
  • Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
  • The Cambridge Declaration
  • Nashville Statement
  • Suffolk Christian Church Bylaws (Ask for reference)