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2018年5月18-20日Dr. George W. Murray特会

主题:The World is on God’s Heart
第一堂 2018年5月18日星期五晚上 7:00-10:00
第二堂 2018年5月19日星期六下午 3:00-5:30
晚餐 2018年5月19日星期六晚上 5:30-6:30 教会预备
第三堂 2018年5月19日星期六晚上 6:30-9:00
第四堂 2018年5月20日星期日上午 10:00-12:00
午餐 2018年5月19日星期六晚上 12:00-1:00 教会
第五堂 2018年5月20日星期日下午 1:00-2:30

地点:长岛施福基督教会 18 Moriches Rd, Lake Grove, NY 11755

Dr. George W. Murry 简介:
Dr. Murray assumed the chancellorship of Columbia International University in July 2007. Prior to that, he was president of the university from 2000-2007. As CIU’s chancellor, Dr. Murray travels the world preaching and teaching, recruiting students, and working with major donors and alumni.

Dr. Murray came to CIU from The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) where he served as executive director. For 10 years he was general director of Bible Christian Union (BCU), a mission agency which merged with TEAM in 1994. Prior to that, he and his wife, Annette, were church planters in Italy, also with BCU, for 13 years.

A graduate of CIU (B.A., 1967, M.A., 1981) and Trinity International University (D.Miss., 1995), Murray is an experienced missionary, teacher, preacher, writer and evangelist. For 15 years (1985-1999) he was a member of CIU’s board of trustees. Dr. Murray is the Stephen Olford Professor of Biblical Preaching at CIU, and teaches courses on Biblical Preaching, Leadership and Missions. He has traveled and ministered all across North America and in seventy-six countries.

Annette Brice Murray is a graduate of Columbia International University (B.A., 1969) and Biblical Theological Seminary (M.A., 1994), and is a licensed professional counselor.

The Murrays have four married children, five grandchildren and two step-grandchildren.